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Flute movements

I compiled a list of all flute movements in Bach's Cantata Oeuvre.
I omitted:

Recorder movements

Non-formatted list of recorder movements

Horn movements

Non-formatted list of horn movements

List of Instrumental Movements (Sinfonias) in Bach Cantatas

List of instrumental movements (Sinfonia, Sonata, ...) in Bach's Cantata Oeuvre.

Sheet Music

I arranged and typeset a number of music pieces that is available for download as sheet music. I made these to play either with the Khan Tengri Quintet when it was a Sextet, with an extra clarinet or bass clarinet, or with my viola partner, Roos. Of course I do hope people will download them to play or investigate. There are also some projects I undertook for clarinet friends, who needed parts (semi-automatically) transposed from C clarinet to B flat clarinet. The stuff will appear here when I have tidied it up enough for publication. All of it has been typeset with this marvelous music engraver, Lilypond. Hopefully this page will grow steadily.

Classical CD shortlist

See my "Must-Have list".

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